Write less code and more business.

We’ve created the Actus suite of actuarial modelling and pricing tools for you.

RiskSuite is a stringent pricing solution which is fully with an 

You stay within our solution from submission data collection until the final quote.


Your actuaries can modify our algorithms to their needs in a standard language​.


Your underwriters price your products with a web-based interface.

Intuitive user interface

Using state-of-the-art tools your underwriters​ can quote more volume in less time​.


Your company gains access to the high-margin business of customized solutions​.

Profitable growth

It is designed to increase your and to enable

Your precious is centrally stored and accessible, offering unique

Any step from submission ​to quote can be tracked​.


Budget forecasts, underwriting analysis, roll-forward — all is possible​.


You fulfill the governance and reporting requirements with ease​.

Profitable growth

You gain full of your process.

RiskSuite is fully . You are free to  any element of our solution into your existing IT landscape.​

Our calculation engine, our graphical user interface, our storage solution… - you can select what you need.


Solveva is a leading partner for (re-) insurers with several hundred experienced IT professionals who won’t rest until it works at your site!​


Designed for pricing,
reinsurance optimization, and capital modelling​.


RiskSuite is based on non-proprietary, platform-agnostic, scalable web technologies​.


Your investment in this solution is 

The Actus Universe

Actus products are provided by Solveva,
the leading partner for bespoke software solutions for the insurance
and reinsurance industry with two decades of track record in the market.

Visit Solveva for individual software projects.


RiskSuite is our comprehensive set of modules from which you can pick whatever you need. They will always fit together and we take responsibility that it will be integrated in your tool landscape.


RiskEngine is the basic math library for actuaries and underwriters. It is the backbone of our solution.


RiskBoard is the graphical user interface for your underwriters to build complex reinsurance structures in an intuitive and modern way.


RiskPal is an Excel add-in providing access to the RiskEngine library (as user-defined functions) and an interface to the RiskShed storage.


RiskShed provides versioned cloud storage.


RiskEval is a service for mathematical calculations in the cloud.

It’s all about people and passion

Our company is almost 20 years in business, since 2021 under the name Solveva.
We are a growing team working out of three countries.

We're changing the landscape of actuarial solutions

We are specialized in the insurance and reinsurance industry. We have once started with actuarial pricing tools. Today, we can offer solutions and expertise over the whole value chain of insurance.

As an owner-operated company we do not rest to improve and innovate day by day.

Under the Actus brand we publish a sum of our knowledge — standardized, yet customizable software to offer clients a unique cost and stability advantage.

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